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ailes, extraordinary journeys around the world.

ailes is an award-winning travel agency founded in 2007. No brochures, no pre-planned itineraries. Just twenty-five years of experience in the magical world of travel.

We call ourselves “travel refiners”. This “notion”, which subtly accompanied our first steps, has become clearer with time, and even stronger with the advent of the Net. Craftsmen to the core, lovers of authenticity and uniqueness, we “refine” your trip according to your desires, accompanying you with our expert knowledge of tailor-made luxury travel.

Forbes USA : Manuel Chablais, one of the twelve most influential personalities in the world of travel.

ailes, a benchmark agency

ailes quickly established itself in the world of extraordinary travel, receiving numerous awards over the years for its creativity and expertise.

In 2013, she was asked to accompany the first steps of “Serandipians by Traveller Made”, one of the world’s largest consortia of luxury travel agencies.

Forbes USA magazine selected Manuel Chablais as one of the twelve most influential personalities in the world of travel, before he was awarded the official title of “Most Creative Designer by Serandipians” in 2016, and again in 2024, for his creative talents.

To you... our travelers.

The ailes agency and its travel refiners have set themselves a mission. To ensure that the most precious days of your year, those devoted to your travels and moments of sharing, are both unforgettable and magical. Our vision is to be the reference when it comes to creating extraordinary journeys. To meet these commitments as fully as possible, we combine four essential values.

Creativity, the intrinsic substance of our identity, the quest for an insolite experience, while taking care to let ourselves be guided by our expertise, without forgetting to live with you in true complicity to accompany the conception of your trip.

Our tailor-made experiences

Manuel Chablais - Founder

I’m told I’m an “explorer at heart”? Maybe it’s because my parents gave me the chance to travel a lot from an early age? Or maybe it’s because I’ve always had a passion for sailing, and can’t wait to set sail for other lakes and oceans.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been involved in the world of travel. I had the opportunity to cut my teeth in major travel agencies, with Asia as my field of choice, and with renowned airlines. My greatest love was born on the Japanese planet. A destination that immediately appealed to me because it wasn’t part of the current trend. I loved these people shaped by contradictions, this Japan where one-way streets and the end of speed limits collide.

Meet the travel refiners

Alain Devincenti

My parents were both in the aviation business, so I was immersed in the world of travel from an early age. I was lucky enough to fly great distances around our planet, already in search of adventure and discovery.

Magali Pavard

I've been in the business for almost 25 years, and my passion for it continues to burn brightly. My predilection for the art of living led me, by happy chance, to the world of luxury made-to-measure travel, which I tamed with tenacity.

Krystel Céry

Born and raised on the tranquil shores of Lake Geneva, I'm a true "Swiss" at heart. I joined Manuel Chablais at the very beginning of the history of ailes, and ever since, I've never tired of the fascinating world of travel.

Bertrand Muller

My dearest mother gently whispered to me when I was a child, "You'll work in travel". She was the first to initiate me, taking me all over Europe, exacerbating my natural curiosity and glibness.

Ruth A. Flora

The halong bay cruise was a wow experience. The guide, cruise and food were really good. Overall all the tour guides were really helpful and knowledgable. Thank you so much to the whole team of ailes.

ailes, an ecological ethic

Deeply rooted in the convictions of its founder, Manuel Chablais, commitment to the protection of our planet is part of the everyday life of ailes.

The agency has its own mature forest in Switzerland, made up of mixed species chosen to allow the development of a variety of flora and fauna. Oaks, ashes, chestnuts and pines have been rigorously maintained for 50 years. This forest cleans more than ten times the volume of CO2 generated by the sale of wing trips.

The war on pollution doesn't stop there, as the agency also plays the green card of "paper less", printing only the essentials, selective sorting (cardboard, paper, glass and plastic) and the desire to avoid the production of garbage as much as possible.

Through its travels and recommendations, ailes defends as far as possible its eco-responsible vision.

Most Creative Agency 2024

Grand Designer Certification

Forbes USA Listed

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